Executive Messengers
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Additional Rates & Terms

Canceled by customer 1 hour before

$3 Fee if payment processed already

Canceled by us because Package was not Ready

50% refund - please have your package ready

Canceled after courier arrives

No refunds

Round Trip

add 75%

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Special Trips / Need ASAP

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We do NOT ship: illegal items, very valuable items, cash.  Packages must fit in a bag that a courier could walk or bike, or can be carried.

Notes / Additional Terms

  • We reserve the right to adjust a price if the package weight, zone, type, ready time, etc was incorrect.
  • We insure all packages up to $100 per "run" total for physical damages or loss of package while in our transit (pick up thru delivery at address).  Multiple packages, stops, Round trips count as 1 run.  A claim loss will not be paid for non physical damages in run, such as late or misdirected packages that cause loss to your company.  Items that are more expensive must be insured by the client via their insurance.  We do not provide insurance at this time for items valued over $100.
  • Rush packages unable to make a 3 hour delivery target will be charged at Priority Rate.
  • Rates and Terms subject to change without notice.
  • Not responsible for damages for packages incorrectly packaged including packages, for example,  that we not taped properly, or covered  if exposed.
  • Customers who phone in orders accept the terms and rates posted by placing an order via phone
  • Runs canceled an hour in advance but paid for will be charged a $3 cancellation fee (because our card processing company charges us a similar fee.)

Quick Rates

Envelopes Weekdays 9-6 unless noted.  Most rates also populate on order form

Order Type


all Envelopes between Manhattan and:

Rush $55

Manhattan, below 96st

 Priority $35

most popular

 Economy $25

Regular $40

Manhattan above 96st, Dumbo, Downtown Bkn (11201)., Williamsburg, Long Island City, Astoria

Regular $49

Park Slope Boreum Hill, Kensington, Carrol Gardens, Windsor Terrace, Greenwood, Greenpoint

Regular $65

SW Brooklyn (Bayridge, Sunset, Midwood, Sheepshead, Brighton, Dyker, Bensonhurst, Flatbush, Coney Is.) to Ocean Ave on East. We do not go east of Ocean Ave

 Weekend (10-5) Rush or

 Weeknight Rush $75

Weeknight Regular $45

Weekend Regular (10-5) $35

All Manhattan

add $10

small packages (10-50 Lbs)

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