Executive Messengers - Rush small packages in Manhattan via Courier

Serving Manhattan & Nearby

To Place an Order

Note if you are unsure of the Rate, skip it and skip paying via PayPal.  We will email you the rate and a link back to the form to pay.  

Account holders won’t be charged until we confirm the rate.

We offer Exclusive Personal Service on all Rushes.  No logging in - You’ll receive Email updates, and the messengers direct mobile number to text them for help if you need it.  

We primarily transport envelopes, and small packages up to 50 Lbs and serve Manhattan and these nearby areas,

We messenger by bike, foot, Subway We service Manhattan, Western Brooklyn / Queens Available 9-Midnight, 24 hour service available in Manhattan with advanced notice

Deliveries by Bike & Foot

We messenger packages within, to, and from Manhattan

Deliveries after 6 PM accepted