Executive Messengers - Rush small packages in Manhattan via Courier

Serving Manhattan & Nearby

Executive Messengers serving NYC Manhattan with Exclusive Rushes

Executive Messengers couriers door to door within Manhattan & Nearby envelopes and small packages / bags (under 50 lbs) for offices, print shops, legal, residences, medical and Concierge services.   

No account needed - 7  AM to Midnight Weekdays

Weekends available

Be a courier    terms  email: info@ExecutiveMessengers.com (c)2017 Freshnyc123,inc

Executive Messengers is independently owned by experienced former messengers.

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  • Get Exclusive Service on all Rushes

Get personalized service - We e-mail your assigned messenger and their mobile to text them directly for questions; no need to figure out how to log in to “track” a courier

  • Receive E-mails on pick up & delivery in real time

All receipts are electronic

  • NO Account needed / Reorder easily  

Just provide the same email and mobile number on all reorders to skip entering the payment information as we have it on file.

We primarily messenger envelope and small packages up to 50 LBS and serve Manhattan and these areas,

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If you need an immediate answer, text (or call) us 212.457.1414 with brief order info and get a quote.  Then, enter it on form and pay. and get a pick up.

Note: Orders are not processed over the phone

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HI!  I’m Donald.  I want you to get $10 your next order!  Just refer us to a friend.  After, they pay, place your order and tell us in the form the name of the person you referred!

Details in your emails you receive when you order

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Just submit, we confirm, you pay, we pick up!

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  • For pickups in Manhattan below 96 st
  • Delivery in Manhattan or these nearby areas
  • Weekdays 9-6 only
  • Envelopes or package / bag under 50 Lbs
  • Checkout immediately via PayPal

$29.95 Send an Envelope in Manhattan:

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